Termincation of Child Rights 48287
TERMINATION OF RIGHTS TO CHILD LIBERTY SUPERIOR COURT, GEORGIA PETITION 2024-A-11-MH TO: A) THE UNKNOWN NON-LEGAL BIOLOGICAL FATHER of a male child, born July 29th, 2012, to Chantel Louise Devereaux Heistand, in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, your rights to the child will be terminated unless within 30 days of the last publication, you: (1) file a separate legitimation action (O.C.G.A. SS19-7-22) and (2) give written notice of such action to the Clerk and Attorney below; and B) ALL OTHERS, including any UNKNOWN LEGAL FATHER, claiming any right to said child: Failure to appear at the call of the case on July 15th, shall result in the termination of any claim or right to the child. WITNESS, the Honorable Mark A. Hendrix, Judge, Liberty Superior Court, Georgia. This May 13, 2024, Kathy Stoddard, Liberty Superior Court Adoption Clerk, 201 South Main Street, Suite 1200, Hinesville, Georgia 31313. Petitioning Attorney: Birney O'Brian Bull, P. O. Box 9811, Savannah, Georgia 31412-0011, (912) ADOPT-NEED, www.AdoptNeed.com 48287 6/6/24 RL